Tips to overcome fear of flying

Tips to overcome fear of flying

For many people, flying can be a real torture, which, at times, can lead to serious repercussions.  Surprisingly, a lot of people with real fears of taking to the air actually refrain from flying and, may even detest the thought of getting on a plane.

A person grappling with this phobia might fear a plane crash or anticipate a panic attack, and may also be terrified of heights or closed spaces. Though irrational, such fears drive millions of people to use tranquilizers or alcohol in order to escape from the jittery feeling. But, it must be kept in mind that just like any other phobia, even the fear of flying can be treated effectively.

Here are a few coping strategies which can help someone ease the fear of flying:

Getting prepared: Before getting on the flight, one should have sufficient information about how planes work. A bit of knowledge can greatly help in boosting confidence and curbing anxiety.

Understanding the purpose of flying: Flying is not just about sitting inside the plane for a couple of hours with clenched fists. It is an experience to travel, explore new places, interact with new people or meet with a loved one etc. Rather than constantly thinking about the flying experience, one should focus on the purpose of flying. For instance, if someone is going to meet a loved one, he or she must take a look at the picture of the person to awaken one’s intentions for the trip.

Accepting anxiety: Anxiety can get very overpowering when one lives in a denial, however, it can be effectively controlled by accepting it and working toward making it less intense. When a person accepts that he or she will be fearful before the flight, he or she must explore solutions. For instance, someone may read a book or listen to some soothing music while on board. Practicing breathing exercises and mild yoga can also help.

Avoiding dehydrated drinks: People resort to alcohol to curb anxiety, but nothing can get worse than this. Alcohol can cause dehydration and a sick feeling while one is flying. Therefore, one should have some fresh fruit or green tea to soothe the nerves.

Getting busy: While one is flying, it is always prudent to get busy doing something to avoid thinking about the flight and getting all worked up. One should read a book, watch a movie, play a game or take a nap.

Remembering facts: While gearing up for the next flight, one must always keep these points in mind:

  • While the turbulence can get uncomfortable, it is very common and usually, not dangerous.
  • Pilots are experienced and trained well, and most of the times, they have a contingency plan.
  • An engine of a plane can withstand impact from four birds.

Reaching for support: Sometimes, none of the self-help strategies seem to help. In such a case, one should always reach out for professional help.

Road to recovery

Flying offers the liberty of saving a lot of time to reach far-flung places. So, most people prefer to fly down to lessen the travel time. However, there are many for whom flying is never a good experience. Fear and anxiety due to flying can seriously affect a person’s business and love of traveling. Therefore, the sooner one gets a grip over it, the better.

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