Tips to deal with anxiety

Tips to deal with anxiety

Getting trapped in one’s own mind is not unusual. Every individual experiences anxiety at least once in his or her lifetime. Anxiety causes irrational thoughts and insignificant imaginations that lead to persistent worries and absurd feelings. With nearly 40 million adults, aged 18 years or older, in the United States suffering from anxiety disorder, it has become the most common mental disorder in the country.

From intellects, musicians, celebrities to general public, everyone is caught in the vicious circle of anxiety-related symptoms. In a dynamically challenging environment, anxiety can become a severe problem if not treated at the right time. Sometimes, the symptoms may appear to be normal, but when everyday negative feelings collide with more intense and irrational thoughts, they may leave a lasting impact on the brain.

It has been found that various factors, including biological, psychological and social, can collaboratively act toward triggering anxiety in a person. Studies have shown that mental disorders not only increase the economic burden of the society but also cause an adverse environment in the surrounding.

Reducing anxiety using strength of anxious mind

Struggling with an anxious mind is like waging a war. Although not easy but it is not impossible. One can still win the race; one can still overcome the fear. However, it is important to cope with the stress and sadness in the best possible way and make it a manageable and healthy part of one’s life. In fact, one must understand that anxiety is a part of the body’s response to stress, and one can deal with it effectively by adopting certain measures. Here are some tips to deal with debilitating anxiety-related symptoms.

Taming one’s mind: An anxious mind is strong and powerful, but one must not let it dominate one’s life. However, it is important to understand the feelings completely and tame them, so that it is easier to pull oneself back from anxious thoughts and live in the present moment.

Trusting oneself: With all the stress, panic, worries and anxiety creating havoc in the mind, the bottom-line is fear.  Fear of rejection, failure or trust are some of the fears that one may not be able to overcome. But the key is to remain strong and come out of the “bad feeling” overcoming all worry, anxiety and stress.

Being patient: Anxious thoughts consume a lot of space in one’s internal memory. It is recommended to clear the junk every now and then. The more one thinks about a particular thing, the more it swells and multiplies. It is important to think positive and understand that no negative thought or feeling can stay in the mind for a long time.

Living in the present moment: Instead of digging the past and thinking about the future, one must live the present because the past is history and the future is uncertain. It is of no use opening doors to persistent imaginations to creep into the present moment and transform it into a topsy-turvy land.

Road to recovery

Anxiety disorder is a serious mental condition. While self-help strategies can make the person feel better for some time, medical intervention is needed to get rid of the problem. Treating anxiety is also important in order to ensure a better quality of life, as the disorder often tends to hinder day-to-day life and routine.

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