Tips for dating an anxious partner

Tips for dating an anxious partner

Dating a person can get exceedingly overwhelming if he or she is grappling with an anxiety disorder. While one can easily think of not going ahead with that person, nevertheless, one must give this relationship a chance to nurture. This is because anxiety can attack anyone and anytime. That, however, does not imply that an anxious person is untouchable or complicated.

One simply needs to be relatively more patient and be armed with some communication tools and strategies to tread carefully and compassionately. Listed below are some strategies which can help a person have a meaningful and a lasting relationship even with an anxious person.

Practicing being a good listener

A person suffering from anxiety tends to think too much and in the process can make assumptions which can lead to insecurity or restlessness. To ease off their mind, they must be encouraged to talk or share. Maybe one might not be able to comprehend the depth of the thought process of an anxious person but that does not matter. By just being an attentive and a patient listener, one can help alleviate a person’s anxiety.

Not dubbing their behavior as overreaction

It is highly likely for an anxious person to suffer from insomnia, with some upsetting thoughts keeping him or her up the entire night. When that thought is shared with the significant other, the latter might think that it was trivial and blown out of proportion and consequently, accuse the anxious person of overreacting. This can damage the relationship. One must understand that the other person is anxious because of the tendency to overthink and that is not intentional. If the significant other is woken up at 4:00 a.m. by the anxiety-afflicted partner, the former must not get irritated, instead, he or she should try to help the troubled partner by being compassionate.

Understanding their texting pattern

An anxious person is extremely prompt in replying and unfortunately, except the same promptness from their beloved as well. Sometimes due to a slightly delayed revert, he or she may get very tensed and hyper and resend the message or call frantically. The partner must understand that these impulses are out of control of an anxiety stricken person and the best way to handle is to reply promptly, when possible.

Not publicizing partner’s anxiety

If one is dating an anxious person, one must refrain from broadcasting the partner’s anxiety struggles with friends and families as people might start judging the anxious person, which can get detrimental to the relationship in the end. Over time, with compassion and trust, one can help improve the anxiety symptoms of a partner. In a relationship, there are no individual struggles, there are shared struggles. Therefore, telling a third person about a partner’s weakness will be violation of trust, and would allow others to make comments and take jibes.

Caring for both

An anxious person needs constant support and assurance from the partner. Compared to others, an anxious person needs relatively higher attention and time. The partner must be aware of the beloved’s therapist and important medicines. However, everyone has a threshold. Beyond a certain point, one cannot battle with someone’s anxiety. At that point, one should be able to draw a boundary and should indulge in self-care. One can provide for others only after renewing his or her own spirits.

Reaching out for support

Sometimes, no amount of care, listening and empathy can help a person struggling with acute anxiety. At this juncture, the other partner must institute support for the anxiety-stricken beloved by taking him or her to a licensed therapist or a rehab center.

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