Steps to counter stress-triggering hormones in the brain to fight anxiety disorder

Steps to counter stress-triggering hormones in the brain to fight anxiety disorder

We all know that being anxious is a normal part of life and also anxiety to some extent is important for self-care and good performance. However, in some cases, the feeling of anxiety can become quite overwhelming and affect day-to-day functioning of life.

While feeling anxious for a reason is beneficial, the persistence of anxiety due to irrational fears for a prolonged time is a mental disorder. As anxiety disorder often strikes a person without prior warning, it is important for one and all to know about this disease.

Despite the acuteness and severity of anxiety, people often ignore seeking treatment by considering it to be a normal part of life. This can be harmful to one’s health and may lead to other mental disorders, such as depression. Hence, it is crucial to know the effects of anxiety on one’s brain and the required remedy measures.

Here is a little about the disease that affects 40 million American citizens on an annual basis, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Malfunctioning of brain triggers anxiety

Though anxiety often starts like stress, there is a stark difference between stress and anxiety. While stress may occur due to anger, sadness or any kind of excitement, anxiety largely occurs due to irrational fear and apprehensions, as well as other lesser known reasons actively involving the brain. Being a key body part in the production of fear, anxiety that stays for months may also arise due to any abnormality in the functioning of the brain.

The malfunctioning of the amygdala, an integrative center for emotions, and hippocampus, the portion of the brain that encodes the threatening events into memories, play a crucial role in triggering anxiety in a person.

Amygdala by alerting the brain about a perceived threat triggers a fear or anxiety response. Interestingly, the emotional memories stored in the amygdala more often cause distinct fears, such as fear of dogs, fear of heights, etc.

Nourish gut via dietary changes

It has been scientifically proven that nourishing one’s gut with probiotics is extremely helpful for the normal functioning of the brain, as well as psychological well-being and mood control. It has also been interestingly found that the gut and brain work in conjunction by each influencing the function of the other. So, intestinal health can affect mental health, and vice versa.

Early studies have also shown that the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus can lower the levels of stress-induced hormone corticosterone, which is involved in regulating anxiety. Therefore, one of the good strategies to counter anxiety is to optimize one’s gut with probiotics.

By eliminating sugars, processed foods and processed vegetable oils, and consuming leafy vegetables and healthy fats, one can effectively fight anxiety. The consumption of lots of fermented vegetables or high-potency probiotic medical foods can assist in maintaining a healthy gut, which is essential in fighting anxiety.

Frequent exercise enhances mood-boosting hormones

Regular exercise assists in the creation of new neurons, including the calming neurotransmitter GABA, and also in the enhancement of the level of potent brain chemicals and mood-boosting hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which help counter some of the common effects of stress and anxiety.

Many regular exercisers also feel a specific sense of excitement, also known as “runner’s high,” after an intense workout, as it effectively increases the heart rate and other body movements, which are essential in keeping the brain healthy. So, apart from a well-balanced diet, exercise can also prove beneficial in the long run.

Regain peace via right treatment

Anxiety is a debilitating disorder that almost destroys a person’s state of mind by inciting unnecessary dreads. However, with proper treatment and care, one can easily regain the lost mental peace and tranquility.

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