Stardom may trigger anxiety and panic attacks

Stardom may trigger anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety disorders are prevalent in society, cutting across age groups and socio-economic factors. However, many people shy away from speaking about their anxiety issues due to the stigma attached to them and associated myths. Anxiety disorders and panic attacks are not just the bane of the common man but can trouble stars and celebrities too.

In fact, according to reports, stardom can trigger anxiety disorders and panic attacks, since stars are public figures. The recent news of former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, calling off his concert in Dubai due to anxiety issues, drew attention not only on the mental disorder but to how it can affect stars and celebrities. Similarly, singer Selena Gomez also recently revealed her battle with anxiety and depression.

Often, celebrities are presumed to have it all. They seem to live faultless lives with every luxury and all kinds of facilities at their disposal. Therefore, the news of any star suffering from a mental disorder comes as a surprise. However, it is important to understand that anxiety disorders don’t discriminate.

Cause of anxiety in celebrities

On reading the news of celebrities experiencing anxiety or having a panic attack, one thing becomes clear–their attacks were sudden and they were unprepared. Anxiety in celebrities is no different than that of common people.

Despite the fact that Zayn Malik was a singer and was used to concerts, facing huge crowds was not easy for him. Despite being in the public eye all the time, many celebrities suffer from panic attacks and bouts of anxiety with symptoms like palpitations or accelerated heart rate, sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath, feeling choked, nausea, chills or heat or numbness/tingling. Often it is due to the fear of performing in front of a huge crowd or something going wrong which brings on anxiety and panic attacks.

It is not just facing large crowds since anxiety affects different people differently, in some cases, they may not even be able to face a group of people. If asked to stay calm, they may end up getting confused and aggravating their panic attack. Besides, many such attacks occur due to a build of the stress of being a role model and a public figure. Being in the limelight takes away the freedom to live a normal life. This further creates pressure, which often results in anxiety disorders. Some celebrities may also suffer from anxiety since their childhood or have a family history of the disorder.

Few celebrities who spoke about their anxiety disorders

  • Lady Gaga: She admitted to suffering from anxiety disorder and depression throughout her life. She worked on her decision-making skills to overcome the disorder.
  • Adele: The singer confessed to suffering from anxiety attacks before going onto the stage. She was petrified by the thought that something might go wrong in front of the huge crowd.
  • Scarlett Johansson: She is said to experience severe anxiety and panic attacks sometimes while shooting for films. For her, starting a new film, often causes added stress, thereby leading to bouts of anxiety.
  • Johnny Depp: Although he has never openly spoken about having this disorder, he has mentioned that he suffers from social anxiety disorder. He confessed to feeling nervous and uncomfortable when exposed to social situations.
  • Nicole Kidman: She reportedly suffers from panic attacks while facing a camera. She admitted to experiencing symptoms like shaking and having trouble breathing when facing a camera.

Road to recovery

Anxiety disorder is a serious mental condition. While appreciation and empathy can make the person feel better for some time, medical intervention is needed to get rid of the problem. Treating anxiety is also important in order to ensure a better quality of life, as the disorder often tends to hinder day-to-day life and routine.

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