Selena Gomez opens up about her battle with depression

Selena Gomez opens up about her battle with depression

People with immense wealth, name and fame may seem to be leading the so-called “good life,” devoid of daily stress and any kind of regrets experienced quite frequently by people who do not belong to this category. However, it is not usually true in most of the cases. Like the common masses, even celebrities are not immune to depression. In fact, people in the entertainment industry are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety compared to the general public. There have been many cases of celebrities battling depression, and coming out strong with therapy and faith.

One such personality is singer and actor Selena Gomez who recently spoke about her struggle with depression and anxiety. She chronicled her battle against depression, inspiring her fans and followers to acknowledge their mental health conditions and seek help. During her tussle with depression, she was forced to cancel 34 remaining dates on her Revival world tour to undergo treatment at a Tennessee facility in 2016. Despite winning the favorite pop/rock artist at the American Music Awards (AMAs) the same year, she was too depressed to feel excited for the award.

DBT is widely used to treat conditions like depression

Since it was a matter of her wellness and health, she took professional help to overcome her illness. She not only went off the social media for a while but also underwent dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). First developed for patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD), DBT is now widely used to treat conditions like depression. This therapy focuses on improving communication, mindfulness and cognitive skills to deal with emotional ups and downs—a more skill-based approach to cope with stress.

The 25-year-old star believed that the process of fighting depression can become a life-long battle, if left untreated. She admitted that this fact helped her cope with her depression. She now feels a completely different person because now she is not experiencing panic attacks and anxiety every now and then. She urged people, especially youngsters and women, to stop hiding their problems due to the unrealistic standards set by them. It’s completely fine to feel such emotions. Rather than being judgmental, they must learn to cherish each and every moment, and focus on themselves. With a broken love life and relationship with her mother, the singer admitted that she felt the need to focus on herself by staying at a healthy place.

Seek help to treat depression

Depression occurs when the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loneliness start to interfere with daily life. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), depression is a serious mood disorder that affects the way a person thinks, behaves and takes care of daily activities. Some of the prevalent symptoms of depression and anxiety are the persistent feeling of sadness, pessimism, feeling of guilt, low energy levels and restlessness.

It is essential to have compassion for the person suffering from depression and to take steps to overcome it. One can overcome depression by maintaining faith in himself or herself and his or her family and friends consistently. When grappling with negative emotions and other repercussions of depression, people should immediately seek guidance and treatment. Early treatment reduces the chances of worsening of the symptoms.

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