Overcoming anxiety in a new relationship

Overcoming anxiety in a new relationship

When Jill met Steve for the first time, she had never imagined that few years down the line she would be exchanging marriage vows with him. Jill had just walked out of a toxic relationship with a narcissist. With Steve, she was able to have an open communication because Steve knew that in order to make Jill fall for him; he would have to work at cleaning her emotional clutter and creating space for something new. Even then, every now and then, he would have to deal with Jill’s insecurities and anxiety.

It was Steve who never gave up on Jill and kept giving her reasons for not giving up on him. However, had it been someone else in place of Steve, he might have given up on Jill, considering that she was in a rebound relationship with him. Like Jill, millions of people struggle with new relationship anxieties which are often compounded by their bitter past experiences.

Listed below are a few tips which can help a person cope with symptoms of anxiety which surface at the beginning of any relationship.

Accepting things as they are

One must get into a self-talk mode and understand that anxiety is a normal companion of a new relationship and over a period, symptoms will improve.

Not getting into a comparison mode

When people start comparing the traits of their present partner with that of the previous one, they might feel a lot of stress in the relationship. One must understand that if that ex was so good, he would have never became an ex in the first place. Secondly, if one keeps comparing two persons, one might miss the genuine qualities of the new companion.

Communicating wisely

It is one thing to have an open communication, but it is another thing to go on talking about things that do not make head or tail. This kind of behavior could be representing one’s anxiety and one must be careful of keeping it in check. One might be tempted to talk incessantly about an ex with a new date; however, this can really repulse the new partner. It is okay to share a bit about one’s previous relationship (s), but it is immature to delve into each and every detail.

Giving it time

No matter how short-lived one’s last relationship was, one must practice patience. After the initial euphoria sets in, the two partners also get to know about the dark sides of their partner, but it is important to be more accepting. When two people have walked a few miles together and braved some storms, one can get a clear picture of how this person will handle an adversity.

Overcoming anxiousness

While the steps mentioned above can help a person develop a calm demeanor, at times, one might be stressed for some other reason and can show symptoms like palpitation, sweating, incoherence, etc. However, these symptoms can be handled by indulging in deep breathing exercises, yoga postures and meditation.

Road to a lasting relationship

Some relationships cause a lot of stress and trauma, but one must not allow oneself to pass on its effect on to the new relationship. If one is not able to handle it, this is the time when one must seek professional help.

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