New anxiety medications in development - Part 1: Aloradine

New anxiety medications in development – Part 1: Aloradine

Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems.

― Epictetus

There are numerous types of antianxiety drugs, including the most popular class of psychotropic medications known as benzodiazepines. However, almost all of them tend to cause various side effects.

Though benzodiazepines are known to act fast and accurate enough, they impair the cognitive functions and may lead to permanent memory problems if continued for a long time. Therefore, they are usually recommended for the short-term management of anxiety and sleeping problems.

In such a scenario, the need to explore more effective medicines with lesser side effects becomes necessary. With the continuous research, many new drugs keep coming up and the most promising new antianxiety drug under trial being Aloradine (PH94B).

Classified as an experimental nasal drug, the clinical trial of Aloradine has been in its third phase since 2013. Besides being manufactured by Pherin Pharmaceuticals, this drug has a high probability of making it to the market within a short span of time. In fact, it is already being hailed as a novel treatment for anxiety, which can help in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety through pheromone pathways.

Pherines: An innovative treatment for anxiety

Aloradine is unique in the sense that it introduces a new treatment through pherines, which are compounds that assist in directly targeting the affected areas in the brain without going through the bloodstream. These drugs are known to affect very fast, even faster than benzos that take about 30 minutes to show the effect on the brain.

Being administered via nasal pathway, these drugs are able to directly target the peripheral receptors from “nasal chemosensory neurons,” which are associated with the hypothalamus/limbic system. In fact, pherines are said to be the most effective anxiety medications developed until now. Moreover, they have found to be safe and tolerable, so far.

A trial on women with anxiety disorders proved to be really effective. By pretreating anxious women with Aloradine before public speaking or other social interaction sessions, the above trial found that the challenges and fears related to performance decreased in terms of mean distress scores (overall anxiety) before such important events.

Though it is still not clear why the medication is more oriented toward women, the researchers believe that it will be effective even for the males. Provided these tests offer the right clues, a new and effective medication to treat women’s generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) could be just on the verge of release.

Other promising advantages of Aloradine

Being a nasal spray, the medicine is very effective and easy to use. The nasal spray takes weeks before a person experiences an anxiolytic effect and this can be a potential advantage over good antidepressants. Moreover, studies have so far proved to be nominal. While beta-blockers that are considered effective take about half-an-hour to trigger the effects, pherines act affects almost instantly.

The manufacturer claims pherines have a unique mechanism of action and method of delivery, many therapeutic advantages, including rapid onset of efficacy, on-demand and long-term administration, ultra-low dose and excellent safety and tolerability profile. In fact, they can be effective for a host of mental health and cognitive disorders, including depression, anxiety, menopausal disorders and cognitive impairments. However, the practical benefits will only be realized once people start actively using the drug.

Fighting social anxiety now easier

Aloradine appears to be a promising solution for people grappling with stressful situations. However, rather than relying on medications, one can overcome the feeling of offending others, self-consciousness and severe anxiety witnessed during social anxiety disorder by undergoing alternative therapies and treatments, such as meditation, yoga, etc. Moreover, any such medication should be taken only on a specialist’s prescription.

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