Most recommended books on anxiety- Part 1

Most recommended books on anxiety- Part 1

Worrying is normal, but to feel stressed about the most trivial of issues is a behavioral disorder that is exhibited by nearly 40 million people in the United States. Being overtly anxious about almost everything takes the fun out of life while leaving the affected in a dizzy state of mind.

Timely diagnosis can help those suffering from anxiety disorders and for this one needs to be aware of the symptoms and the problems. To understand the disorder better, one can use self-help books where the authors share their experiences to help the readers address their anxiety issues and cope with them in the long run.

These days books can be found on almost every topic, ranging from parenting tips to augmenting cognitive skills to methods that help alleviate anxiety levels. Some books on anxiety can be useful as they help understand common symptoms of the disorder and ways it can be managed. Some of these books contain first-hand experiences of the authors who had been afflicted with anxiety at some point in their lives.

Some famous books on anxiety are:

  • “A Memoir on Anxiety” by Daniel Smith: This is not a typical book that talks about anxiety from a researcher’s point of view. Unlike most books that delve more into the technical aspects of the disorder, the author of this book uses wit and humor to explain what it feels like to be afflicted with anxiety. The book is the author’s own experiences of feeling aggrieved due to severe anxiety. It talks about the incessant feelings of doubt and despair that characterize anxiety.

    This book does not tell about how one should go about living a life full of anxiety, but includes more of those unique experiences that can be understood by readers who themselves are facing them.

  • “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David D. Burns: The book has been penned down by noted psychiatrist Dr. David Burns. He discusses about the most common signs of pessimism, guilt, tendency to constantly worry and lack of self-worth that are so common among people these days. A book written by an expert is bound to be different from other available books on anxiety as it highlights the important steps one can adopt to deal with anxiety.

    While discussing about ways how one can handle guilt or efficacious methods to combat criticism or hostile behavior of those around, this book also includes potential reasons of inordinate mood swings or methods that can help tackle low self-esteem. The contents of the book justify its title “Feeling Good” as it talks about how to feel good about oneself and how this feeling can be retained.

  • “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund Bourne: One of the greatest books on anxiety, this continues to be read and recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists to their peers and patients. Concise in its outlook, the book lists the potential causes of anxiety and the available treatment options. While no single method fits all, this book includes certain strategies that may be used while treating people suffering from differing levels of anxiety.

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