Here’s how breathing techniques, visits to gym helped Michelle Keegan overcome anxiety

Here’s how breathing techniques, visits to gym helped Michelle Keegan overcome anxiety

Joining the long list of celebrities opening up about their battle with mental illnesses is British actress Michelle Keegan, acclaimed for her role in drama series “Our Girl.” In a candid interview with the Cosmopolitan, she talked about her frequent bouts of anxiety experienced over trivial matters. She also mentioned finding a recourse and strength to fight the symptoms in a series of breathing techniques. Hitting the gym also helped considerably, she said.

“I get it quite a lot of little things. It comes in waves,” said the 30-year-old star. However, with time and understanding, it dawned on her to make peace with the prevailing illness and not be so critical of herself for the occasional failures. “That always helps me. I sweat it out and feel better and lighter,” she added.

In general, people put celebrities on a pedestal for their stardom, their oomph, and aplomb, world-class luxuries and comforts they have at their disposal. However, mental health disorders do not discriminate. They can occur to anybody irrespective of age, status, gender or country.

An anxiety disorder can occur due to factors like genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, upbringing, environmental stressors and substance abuse. Additionally, experts also believe stardom to be a great contributing factor, triggering anxiety in actors. Several big names and trendsetters, including Lady Gaga, Adele, Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman confessing about their struggle with anxiety disorder buttress this belief.

Anxiety disorder is a serious mental health disorder characterized by constant irrational fear, worries, and apprehensions. If left untreated, the condition exacerbates and leads to other hazards, such as the development of addiction or suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Fortunately, it is manageable with proper medical intervention. Alongside, activities like exercising regularly, practicing experiential therapies such as yoga and meditation that involve deep breathing can help in catalyzing the recovery process.

Stardom-led anxiety

On the surface, stardom appears glitzy, camouflaged by all the fame, money, glamor, and luxury. However, in reality it involves immense hard work, strong determination, a lot of pressure and a huge burden of expectation. Celebrities are constantly in a state of pressure living up to their image whenever they step out of their house or face the camera. However, the same factors also contribute significantly to triggering anxiety symptoms in them.

While they appear all gilded and glossy from outside, from within it is a perennial struggle to stay relevant in an industry that is excessively competitive. Hence, the juggling between everyday demands of life and fear of letting down sponsors and followers can contribute to a frantic and sometimes lonely state of mind.

In most of the cases, celebrities are unaware of their existing illness. When impaled by sudden manifestation of symptoms, they are often caught on the wrong foot. They might panic while facing even a small group. Any kind of advice to stay calm or relax would only petrify them more.

Dealing with anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are serious mental health conditions commonly confused with the usual anxiety, which is a natural reflex when one encounters an adverse situation. Clinical anxiety is grave. Therefore, it is important to treat clinical anxiety at the earliest as its aggravated state can cause many harms and deteriorate the quality of life.

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