Don’t let anxiety erode you: Tips to take it easy and relax

Don’t let anxiety erode you: Tips to take it easy and relax

When Annie got her dream job of an interventional cardiologist in one of the most popular heart institutes of New York, she thought she had achieved everything and that life was indeed very beautiful. The next couple of days were spent in relocating to an apartment, getting her daughter admitted to a new school, arranging for a babysitter, getting familiar with the neighborhood, enrolling her daughter into hobby classes, and so on. Finally, the date of joining arrived.

Over the next few days, even though she was professionally content, she missed being around her daughter and spending quality time with her. Gradually, because of her long hours at work, she was forced to forego social get-togethers, cultural evenings, parent-teacher meetings and gym visits. She would worry about small things, fear misjudging her patient’s symptoms and spend nights thinking about her next day plan. The transition from a happy woman to an anxious doctor reflected in her demeanor. She was advised to consult a psychiatrist. The doctor told her about the importance of slowing down every once in a while, to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life.

Like Annie, many people are rushing to complete daily tasks and achieve their life goals. They often forget to pause and relax and often suffer from poor mental health. While occasional anxiety and stress are part of life, the condition can worsen with time if left treated. Here are some tips for those who want to enjoy a healthy and successful life:

  • Setting clear priorities: The first step is to make a list of tasks that one needs to devote time to, on everyday basis. It is important to complete each task according to their priority to avoid excessive worry from creeping into the mind. If less priority tasks are not accomplished, it is better to shift them to another day. Doing everything every day may not be possible. One should plan their schedule in such a way that the balance between personal and professional lives remain intact.
  • Shopping smartly: With the advent of online shopping portals, one does not need to visit retail outlets, even during the weekends. One can easily shop for groceries, stationery, clothes, appliances, and kids’ essentials from within the comfort of their home and attend to other important tasks.
  • Indulging in self-care: Practicing mind-calming exercises like yoga and taking out time for some form of physical exercise boosts positive thinking and relaxes body muscles. Going for a head or body massage, meeting friends over coffee, gardening, raising a pet, reading a favorite book or learning a hobby are some other means to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition, eating a well-balanced diet helps keep the brain active and activates feel-good hormones.
  • Practicing compassion and love: No matter what one achieves in life, it is important to be grateful and help others in when they need it the most. Experiences such as playing with a poor child, reading a story to an underprivileged child or doing charity can be extremely gratifying. It is equally important to foster good relationships with families and friends, and share problems and worries. Loving, respectful and meaningful relationships can help a lot in offloading stress and regaining strength.

Road to recovery

The tips are effective ways to improve one’s outlook towards life and circumstances, and reframing negative thoughts into positive affirmations. People struggling with chronic anxiety may not benefit from the self-help strategies; it is important to seek professional intervention before it turns into a disorder.

If you or your loved one is showing signs of anxiety, contact the Anxiety Treatment Centers of California for guidance on the best anxiety disorders treatment centers in California that offer customized intervention plans for long-lasting recovery. If you are looking for state-of-the-art anxiety treatment centers in California equipped with evidence-based treatments, call our 24/7 helpline (855) 972-9459 or chat online with a representative to get the details.


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