Common sexual anxieties faced by women

Common sexual anxieties faced by women

Sex is a stress-busting physical and mental activity however, for millions of women across the globe, it can be an intimidating experience, leading to multiple anxieties in them. Some amount of awkwardness while engaging with a new partner is understandable but worrying about a multiple things during those moments of excitement and happiness add to the woes. Some women suffer from lack of self-confidence and body image issues, which can prevent them from enjoying. Slowly, the bedroom turns into a breeding ground for anxiety.

Here is a list of different types of anxieties affecting women along with effective tips to manage them and help them indulge in sex wholeheartedly:

The missing O – As compared to females, men orgasm easily and frequently. Many females link absence of orgasm to disqualification, which is a very misconstrued view. According to a study, women who experience orgasm frequently indulge in more pleasure-seeking activities in bed. Receiving oral sex, extending the duration of foreplay, wearing sensual lingerie, trying different sexual positions and stimulations increase the chances of females experiencing the climax, however, one should not tie the success or failure of an intercourse to an orgasm. Women should stay relaxed and enjoy every single moment than waiting for something at the end which might be eluding.

Consciousness of being naked – This is one of the major issues that affect women and their sexual lives to a great extent. Women should try to proceed despite the inhibition, drop all defense and go with the flow. Many women limit themselves due to the fear of being perceived as unflattering by their partners. This can be a huge game changer as some men may not appreciate this rigidity. It is important to embrace one’s body, feel at ease and work on the ways to gain satisfaction. Planning a short trip with the partner or lazing with him on the beach, going out for a romantic meal, indulging in yoga or meditation or joining a dance class can break the ice.

Fear of boredom: Many women harbor the belief that their partners will eventually get tired of getting intimate with them or they might themselves get bored. This is again a preconceived notion, which is not entirely true. A growing body of literature suggests that couples in a long-term committed relationship often experience an active and a fulfilling sex life as compared to the ones who go astray. Rather than assuming things, women can turn the tables and make every act count by expressing their apprehensions to their partners, trying some role-play activities and showing more involvement.

STD is not end of the road: Many women feel incapacitated if they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is important to undertsand that STDs can be treated. There are even dating sites exclusively for individuals with STDs. It is wise to talk explicitly with a partner about these fears to alleviate stress.

A new beginning

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s or even 50s, you can enjoy sex with your partner. Your body doesn’t define you; what matters is how you take your relationship forward. Make some effort, take the lead and attain the goal. Show love and care, pamper yourself and your partner, and go with the flow. However, if you continue to remain anxious, which affects your relationship, it is advisable to seek professional support.

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