Breathing exercises that help relieve anxiety

Breathing exercises that help relieve anxiety

Some amount of stress or anxiety is normal in day-to-day life. Long hours of commuting to work, meeting deadlines, giving a presentation to clients, addressing a public gathering, making mental notes of picking the child from daycare, and countless other chores can easily get on someone’s nerves— heightening stress levels.

It is often recommended to join a yoga or meditation class, and indulge in some sort of physical exercise to calm the mind and feel more confident. But, one might miss attending a class or going to the gym on an extremely busy day. In such a situation, one can still conquer the thought process and remain focused. All it needs is some private space for only 10 minutes to practice a couple of breathing exercises, which help in easing anxiety.

Listed below are some of the breathing exercises that can come to a person’s rescue and help him or her to attain a balanced state of mind:

Measured breath

  • One can do this in a standing or sitting position. A person needs to loosen up his or her body in a way that the hands and knees feel free and relaxed.
  • The next step involves simply dropping the shoulders and relaxing the jaw.
  • Next is to breathe in through the nose to the count of four and let the stomach expand. Hold the breath and then release it by counting up to 7.
  • Repeating the exercise for a few minutes bring a sense of calm.

Bumblebee breath

  • The first step is to relax the shoulders.
  • One needs to close his or her throat slightly so that the breathing can be heard.
  • The next step involves covering the ears with the thumbs and eyes with fingers.
  • Next is to slightly close the lips while keeping the teeth slightly apart and jaw relaxed.
  • Produce a low but long humming sound juts like a bee.
  • One must make sure that the exhalation process should be long and smooth.
  • Repeat to feel calm.

Belly breathing exercise

  • One needs to breathe deeply and slowly in such a way that the stomach expands, shoulders remain dropped in a relaxed position and chest doesn’t rise much. One can also keep one hand on the stomach to feel the effect.
  • The next step involves exhaling the air slightly with lips pursed a little bit so that a whooshing sound is produced when the air is exhaled. Tongue and jaws should be relaxed.
  • This can be repeated for several minutes and the focus should be kept on keeping the exhaled breath long and smooth.

Road to recovery

Since time immemorial, breathing exercises have been regarded as the fastest and easiest way of reducing stress levels and creating a sense of harmony between the mind and body. However, they necessitate practice for long-term benefits. Over time, one can gain mastery over these and learn to cope with negative emotions and thoughts.

One must remember that self-help techniques may not provide complete relief in case a person is suffering from a chronic mental ailment. It is important to get the problem diagnosed in time and prevent it from aggravating.

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