Why musicians are prone to anxiety disorder

Why musicians are prone to anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a widespread problem among the U.S. population. Nervousness, fear, insomnia and shortness of breath are some common symptoms in people with anxiety disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), nearly 40 million adults suffer from various anxiety disorders in the United States.

While anxiety is not an occupation-specific disorder, a recent study has found artists, especially musicians, to be three times more likely to develop anxiety as compared to general people. According to the study published by Help Musicians UK, more than 71 percent of musicians who participated in the survey experienced panic attacks or high levels of anxiety.

Musical link to anxiety

Creativity is often linked with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Many people believe the creativity of an artist comes from the mental illness that he is suffering from.

While poets and painters present themselves through their writings and paintings, the pressure for a musician is more as he also has to face the audience to present his creative work.

Musicians are often get exhausted writing lyrics, creating music and performing in front of audiences. Many musicians, despite facing the audience and masses on a regular basis, suffer from anxiety disorder. One of the recent examples is former One Direction member Zayn Malik, who called off his concert in Dubai due to anxiety problems.

Singer Selena Gomez also recently made it public that she has been battling with anxiety and depression. Another famous example is of Lady Gaga who has not only admitted her struggle with anxiety, but has also revealed that working on her decision-making skills helped her overcome the disorder.

Causes of anxiety in musicians

Studies on the subject suggest that factors such as difficulty of sustaining a living, antisocial working hours, exhaustion due to work for long hours, uncertainty about the future, the burden of achieved stardom (if any) or lack of recognition lead to development of anxiety in musicians.

According to the study conducted by researchers from the University of Westminster, the risk of developing anxiety is more for women musicians, following additional burden that ranges from “work and family commitments, to sexist attitudes and even sexual harassment.”

Another factor that is responsible for development of anxiety in musicians is their touring schedule. Musicians have to travel a lot to conduct concerts and performances. Such tours mostly include visiting several places at one go. This adds up to their exhaustion and stress, which may trigger anxiety. Besides, such tours also demand them to be away from family and loved ones, compromising with their relationships.

Road to recovery

Anxiety is a serious mental disorder, but it can be treated with proper medical intervention. Untreated anxiety can hinder one’s day-to-day activities, thereby reducing the quality of life. Remember that anxiety can play havoc if left untreated.

Anxiety is a serious mental condition that needs immediate medical intervention. If you or your loved one is suffering from an anxiety disorder, the Anxiety Treatment Centers of California can help you with the necessary information. You can call us at our 24/7 helpline number 855-972-9459 or chat online to seek immediate medical help from one of the best anxiety disorder treatments in California. Our representatives will help you get in touch with one of the most trusted mental health treatment centers in California.

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