New anxiety medications in development -  Part 2: B-GOS

New anxiety medications in development – Part 2: B-GOS

According to a study,conducted by Clasado BioSciences Limited in association with the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Oxford, prebiotics Bimuno (B-GOS)may prove to be an ideal antianxiety medication. The findings, published in the journal Psychopharmacology,have revealed that B-GOShas an anxiolytic effect on the users. Consequently, reduced levels of reactivity have been witnessed among people.

It has been long understood that the gut-brain interaction may play asignificant role in the case of mental illness by affecting the hormones, nervous system, immune system, etc.As microbiomes residing in in the body, particularly gut, release neurotransmitters, they play a significant role in affecting a person’s mental health. Simultaneously, toxins produced due to the gut infection were in turn associated with mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, etc. Therefore, to say that the state of gut determines thestate of mind will not at all be wrong.

Some of the other findings of the abovestudy have revealed that the prebiotic not only boosts probiotic bacteria, but may also be helpful in the inhibition of adhesion of the “bad”bacteria to the gut wall. With the research on developing new anxiety medications being in full swing,the latest findings pertaining to the effective role of prebioticB-GOShas proven to be a boon for the researchers.

The current article, as part of this series “New anxiety medications in development,”discusses the role ofB-GOSin the fight against mental disorders. At the same time, it also highlightsthat a healthy gut is one of the secret ways for not developingmental illnesses.

B-GOS assist in replenishing mood-boosting microbiomes

The study,titled “Prebiotic intake reduces the waking cortisol response and alters emotional bias in healthy volunteers,”suggests thatthe consumption of B-GOSdecreases both waking cortisol levels and attentional vigilance toward negative against positive information.

Based on a comparisonwith fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and a placebo, it was revealed that overstimulated people tend to have increased levels of cortisol, which causes negative thinking. As mentioned above, B-GOSreduced stress reaction amongthe healthy subjects of a total 45randomly selected participants.

Moreover, the manipulation of the gut microbiota with B-GOSalso altered the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis reactivity and processing. As depression and anxiety-ridden people often have varying degrees of dysfunctions within the HPA axis, this productcan have therapeutic effects among people grappling with mental disorders. With the increased evidence of gut bacteria influencing the brain function,microbiome in the gut may help reduce mental health and othercognitive-behavioralproblems.

Considering the benefits of probiotics,they can not only help in replenishing the beneficialgut bacteria, but can also aid in the processing of food apart from breaking down the fructans in the body. As itis natural and has no side effects, it can prove to be a great leap forward in the mental health domain.

“Indeed, depression and anxiety account for 40% of reported disabilities worldwide. This latest study by Clasado and the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford is a valuable addition to our knowledge of brain-gut interactions and may pave the way for alternatives to existing drug therapies with their associated side effects,” said Graham Waters, the CEO of ClasadoBioSciences Limited.

Anxiety is treatable

Anxiety is the most common mental illness affecting a lot of people across the globe. Therefore, finding a simple solution for the disorder would be a great discovery for a very wide section of the population.Although the discovery of new medications is important, some of the already available effective treatments can play a significant role in treating anxiety,depression, etc.

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