Essential oils help in relieving anxiety and promote relaxation

Essential oils help in relieving anxiety and promote relaxation

Essential oils are compounds extracted from flowers, plants, and fruits which are obtained through either distillation or other mechanical methods such as cold pressing. Several past studies have suggested that some essential oils may help in promoting relaxation and relieving anxiety.

Listed below are some of the finest essential oils that an individual can try for relieving anxiety. The effectiveness of these essential oils is backed with research supporting their anxiety-relieving effects.

Bergamot orange

The bergamot orange essential oil is derived from the Bergamia Citrus Tree. According to a systematic review conducted in 2015, breathing this essential oil can help reduce anxiety. Another study carried out in 2013 revealed that when this essential oil was used during aromatherapy, it helped reduce anxiety in people waiting for small surgical procedures.


The National Cancer Institute conducted a 15-day clinical trial investigating the results of using Roman chamomile oil in massages on cancer patients. The study revealed that massaging with this essential oil, derived from a daisy-like herb called the Chamomile, helped in decreasing anxiety and other related symptoms.

Clary sage

A study carried out in 2013 observed the consequences of using the clary sage essential oil in 34 females diagnosed with urinary incontinence. The study’s participants were made to inhale either almond, lavender, or clary sage essential oils while a bladder examination was being conducted, and according to the study, the participants inhaling clary sage essential oil experienced a significant decrease in their respiratory rate and blood pressure.


Aroma therapists commonly use lavender essential oils as they are believed to have muscle-relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-relieving properties. Lavender essential oil is derived from Lavandula angustifolia, a plant with purple flowers.

A 2017 review stated that numerous clinical experiments suggested that aromatherapy with lavender essential oils can help reduce anxiety before cosmetic procedures and surgeries.


Lemon essential oil is derived from the different parts of a lemon. A 2015 systematic review suggested that using lemon oil may reduce levels of anxiety. However, the review also stated that a past investigation pointed out that prolonged use of lemon oil may elevate stress levels. Therefore, aroma therapists are use lemon oil for brief periods and in lower doses.


The orange blossom or neroli essential oil is derived from the Citrus aurantium. It is believed, according to a study conducted in 2015, that the sweet and citrusy fragrance may help reduce anxiety level, and the use of neroli oil soothed the individual which helped with treating insomnia.


Essential oils extracted from rose flowers may have anxiety-reducing effects. A 2015 review suggested that essential oils derived from Rose damascene and Rose centifolia may have a relaxing effect, and also help in reducing anxiety.

Other essential oils

Others essential oils have also been recommended by the American College of Healthcare Sciences which are believed to provide relief from anxiety and help in uplifting moods. Some of these essential oils are geranium, basil, lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, and sandalwood.

Treatment for anxiety disorders

Although some studies have revealed that essential oils can help in promoting relaxation and relieving stress, chronic anxiety can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s physical and mental health if it remains untreated. If anxiety is causing significant distress or disrupting an individual’s daily routine, we recommend the person to visit a doctor immediately.

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