Techniques to manage stress and anxiety

Techniques to manage stress and anxiety

Being anxious occasionally is common and natural, as it prepares people for tougher situations in life by instilling the sense of competitiveness and caution. A healthy level of anxiety, particularly during a test, interview, etc., can enable a person to prepare well for the event. However, when it becomes too severe to control, one should see it as a warning sign and seek help.

Overall, the severe levels of anxiety that persist without any particular reason can be considered a mental disorder, which can be cured only through appropriate treatment and support. As such, anxiety can be a troublesome situation, particularly due to the mental fatigue that cannot be ignored.  Besides mental health, it also adversely affects physical health by triggering disruptive symptoms.

While medications and treatments may be necessary, there are some simple ways to manage anxiety and stress.  By implementing some of these stress-reduction techniques, one can keep anxiety and stress at bay:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Overall, anxiety can be controlled by keeping the body fit, active and healthy. While it may seem to be a simple idea, one must be ready to follow a routine and strict rules. Of all, eating healthy is the first doable activity. Notably, the food must not include too much of sugar or processed fats as these may aggravate the anxiety symptoms. Simultaneously, avoiding alcohol, nicotine and drugs is also must.

Overall, addictive substances cause only temporary relief from stress and pain; in fact, one is likely to witness the worsening of the mental disorder due to the continued addiction for a long time. Eating vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water and taking probiotics are necessary to reduce anxiety.

As people with anxiety disorder often suffer from insomnia, sleeping right is the next thing to consider; by having a regular sleeping schedule, one can avoid increasing the severity level. Similarly, alternative techniques like meditation and mindfulness can help in such situations. Physical activities and regular exercise by making one sweat are helpful in recovering from stress.

Jogging, hiking, bicycling and swimming are some of the great options to keep the body fit. Working out not only makes one feel good, but also strengthens the immune system, which helps in keeping diseases away. Therefore, adopting an active lifestyle is helpful in fighting severe anxiety.

Breathing right is crucial

One of the reasons for developing anxiety is a wrong breathing technique. Many experts believe that breathing right can be a wonderful solution for anxiety and panic attacks. As the lack of oxygen leads to increased levels of anxiety, one must breathe deeply and clearly to get the maximum amount of oxygen in the blood and the brain.

Though there are many right breathing techniques, one must ensure to have sufficient time to practice these techniques until right breathing becomes a habit. Overall, slow and deep breathing helps the brain and the body to calm down, which is an integral part for leading a holistic life.

Many experts believe that one must start practicing breathing skills for 10 minutes per day to be comfortable with the correct breathing method. Some say that taking the breath slowly, holding it for some time and then releasing it slowly again is a better way. Once a person has inculcated the habit of right breathing, it can be steadily increased and be eventually associated with the surrounding and activities.

Embracing stress-free life

Severe anxiety is a mental disorder that needs treatment. By following a healthy lifestyle and the right breathing technique, one can successfully treat severe anxiety. In fact, one should not hesitate in seeking professional help because anxiety often leads to serious mental disorders or suicidal tendencies.

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