Tips for dating an anxious partner

Dating a person can get exceedingly overwhelming if he or she is grappling with an anxiety disorder. While one can easily think of not going ahead with that person, nevertheless, one must give this relationship a chance to nurture. This is because anxiety can attack anyone and anytime. That, however, does not imply that an anxious person is untouchable or complicated.

One simply needs to be relatively more patient and be armed with some communication tools and strategies to tread carefully and compassionately. Listed below are some strategies which can help a person have a meaningful and a lasting relationship even with an anxious person. Read more

Anxious people find it harder to read others’ emotions, claims study

Everyone experiences anxiety in some form or the other. While some may squirm due to an ensuing exam, others may become excessively worried over weather conditions destroying their plans. Persistent anxiety soon starts interfering with everyday affairs and causes difficulty in doing simple tasks. Even reading emotions of others becomes a tough task for a person who is overly anxious.

Emotional face reading or understanding people’s feelings from facial expressions are among the fundamental non-verbal aspects of social communication. Emotional expressions enable the viewer to receive information about a person’s behavioral tendencies and emotional state and intention, which helps the viewer to decide whether to approach or avoid contact. Read more

Meditation may help people with anxiety focus better

A distracted or wandering mind can be hazardous, especially while performing the tasks that demand focus. People can’t utilize their full potential in executing the tasks due to their inability to focus. Some studies have suggested the efficiency of mindfulness in managing mind wandering. Mindfulness refers to a mental state when an individual is able to focus on his/her awareness on the present moment. A recent study dug deeper to understand if mindfulness can induce focus and control mind wandering. Read more

Identifying debilitating symptoms of anxiety disorder

Everyone struggles with mild or severe anxiety at some point in life. Actually, it is an individual’s response to stressful conditions, traumatic events or ongoing physical health issues. Although a little bit of anxiety is important for getting around safely in potentially dangerous situations, chronic anxiety has a lasting negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Read more