Subtle everyday habits may indicate anxiety disorder

It is normal to feel anxious when one misses a train to the office, forgets a deadline or address a public gathering. However, it is not normal to live with anxiety all the time and be affected by unreasonable worry. For some people, anxiety gets intricately ingrained with their personality and they start showing behavioral symptoms of it without any realization. Read more

Turning fear into freedom: Helping a child to overcome anxiety

The prevalence of the crippling affliction anxiety disorders among children of different age groups tend to cause severe distress. When a child is exposed to traumatic life events, such as death of a pet or a loved one, calamities, sexual assault, etc., he or she may exhibit the symptoms of severe levels of anxiety.

While certain amount of anxiety is considered normal and necessary at times, it can turn into a bitter and disquieting experience when the disorder crops up and affects the child’s normal functioning. Those children afflicted by anxiety tend to display a range of cognitive and behavioral changes, such as hesitance to hang out with friends, reluctance to attend events, etc. When children are anxious, they are likely to exhibit several symptoms, such as: Read more

Overcoming anxiety in a new relationship

When Jill met Steve for the first time, she had never imagined that few years down the line she would be exchanging marriage vows with him. Jill had just walked out of a toxic relationship with a narcissist. With Steve, she was able to have an open communication because Steve knew that in order to make Jill fall for him; he would have to work at cleaning her emotional clutter and creating space for something new. Even then, every now and then, he would have to deal with Jill’s insecurities and anxiety. Read more

Don’t let anxiety erode you: Tips to take it easy and relax

When Annie got her dream job of an interventional cardiologist in one of the most popular heart institutes of New York, she thought she had achieved everything and that life was indeed very beautiful. The next couple of days were spent in relocating to an apartment, getting her daughter admitted to a new school, arranging for a babysitter, getting familiar with the neighborhood, enrolling her daughter into hobby classes, and so on. Finally, the date of joining arrived. Read more