Apps that keep anxiety at your fingertips, literally

Apps that keep anxiety at your fingertips, literally

Anxiety disorder is a severe mental problem that interferes with a person’s daily routine and prevents him or her from leading a normal life. It is one of the most common mental disorders in America. With technology playing an important role in every aspect of life, researchers have developed a number of self-monitoring mobile phone-based applications to keep a watch on the user’s mood, sleep pattern, stress level, and even anxiety.

These apps thus help in monitoring the way one responds in certain situations, the people or places that trigger anxious feelings, and the time when they are most anxious. Here, we list some of the useful apps that can help one keep a better record of his/her anxiety levels:

  1. Worry Watch

This journaling tool maintains a record of one’s everyday fears, worries and anxieties. With Worry Watch, it is easier to keep a track of the stress level during workdays and holidays and to compare the previous and the present anxiety levels. The best aspect of the app is that it analyzes the trend in one’s anxiety level while keeping the other data secure. The app is available for $1.99 for iOS users.

  1. Pacifica

An anxiety and stress management app, Pacifica is a smart tool that suggests relaxation techniques to calm one’s mind based on mood and health trends recorded during a certain period of time. The app assists users in not only handling their short-term goals on an everyday basis, but also in suggesting some smarter ways to achieve their long-term goals. Users can also study their recorded mood behavior and understand the type of situations that can help them stay in good mood. This app can be downloaded free by both iOS and Android users.

  1. Self-help Anxiety Management

The best feature of Self-help Anxiety Management (SAM) app is that it allows users to share their feedback and reviews with other users without disclosing their personal details. After careful study of the users’ behavior, the causes behind their anxiousness and thought process, the app helps them with self-help exercises to ease anxiety symptoms. The app comes free for both iOS and Android users.

  1. Moodkit

Moodkit suggests mood enhancement techniques after tracking its users’ mood. The app is a great way to study one’s thinking pattern and to learn simple ways to improve mood. It uses established cognitive-therapy techniques. It also allows users to rate their daily mood. The app is available for iOS users at $4.99.

  1. Mind Shift

Mind Shift can help change the way one handles anxiety. It helps the user get rid of fear and gain better control of sleep pattern and social anxiety. After analyzing previous records, the app suggests numerous mood-lifting techniques and relaxation tips. It can be downloaded free on both iOS and Android devices.

Winning over anxiety

Self-control and monitoring are great tools to curb anxiety and depression. These apps can do wonders by helping the sufferer understand the problem better. However, they cannot replace real-time mental health assistance that experts at mental health centers can provide.

Anxiety disorders affect 18.1 percent adults in the U.S. Anxiety-related problems should not be taken lightly as people with an anxiety disorder have six times more probability of hospitalization for psychiatric disorders than people free from anxiety disorders. According to researches, women are twice as likely to be afflicted with anxiety than men.

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